The Movement Membership

A premier ballet online membership designed specifically to help adult beginner dancers who want to consistently come to the barre and learn the proper technique — but can’t make it into the studio — improve their practice from home.

Your all-access pass to practicing ballet wherever you are (no leotard or tights required!)


You’ve gotten the basics down and you’re probably practicing a little, but you want to dance MORE often, but you…..

  • Can’t make it to the studio consistently, because REAL life (duh, you’re not a rockette). 
  • Get frustrated whenever you DO dance, because you’re not sure if you’re doing the technique correctly 
  • Wish you could just MOVE your body and clear you mind to release the day’s tension and stress

Wouldn’t it be great if…

  • You could practice consistently without having to go into the studio (and feel anxious because people are watching you as you’re watching someone else thinking…. uhhh don’t follow me!).

  • You could hit the “pause” button on class and rewind the parts you need to get it right, so that you can feel confident and dance with ease.

  • You could finally start to move with ease, and make ballet your stress reliever CONSISTENTLY.

… And you could do it all from HOME!

Which is why I created….

The Movement Membership!

The premier ballet online membership designed specifically to help adult beginner dancers who want to consistently come to the barre and learn the proper technique — but can’t make it into the studio — improve their practice from home.

What’s Inside The Movement Membership? 

The Movement Membership is a multi-layered membership that allows you to DANCE consistently with unlimited access to technique training, so you can practice regularly and be ready to master class combinations whenever you get into the studio. 

“Janicka is an INCREDIBLE instructor. She has a perfect balance of toughness and kindness. She teaches technique, skill, poise, and terminology with impeccable precision. She is also very friendly, engaging, and inspirational! She’ll keep you in the game. You will love her…try her class”!”


– Sandy

“Whether you have studied dance or stepping up to the barre for the first time, you ARE a dancer in Janicka’s studio. I hadn’t attempted ballet in 30 years when I enrolled in her adult beginner series. Her instruction is technical and rigorous, and her passion for teaching adults shines through in her warm support of every dancer on the floor”


– Amy

How does the Movement Membership work?

Monthly Technique Intensive

Beginner dancers need technique classes to slow down a bit. In the Movement Membership, dancers secure access to a monthly Technique Intensive that breaks down advanced ballet steps into simple strategies and allows dancers to MOVE confidently away from the barre.

The Movement Membership Portal

Provides all-access to our exclusive ballet training library that includes two (2) new digital ballet classes each month so you can practice proper alignment, ballet vocabulary and combination retention in the comfort of your own home.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Why be on this journey along? Join a safe community of like-minded adults who have the strength, grit, and utter courage that it takes to start as a beginner, to develop their minds, train their bodies, and humble their soul as an adult beginner dancer! In our exclusive Facebook community, we’ll share our ballet wins, have live Q&A sessions, and appearances by special guest ready to help you uplevel your artistry.

Apparel Discount

Now you know we got to look “cute” at the barre (at least for the first five minutes at least…) Why pay extra when you don’t have to? Get 15% off all apparel in our shop!

“I love love love Janicka Arthur. She’s been my ballet teacher for close to a couple of months now, and I’m convinced there’s not a soul that meets her that she doesn’t instantly connect with on some type of level. A teacher lovingly inspires, motivates, and leads with consistency and she nails it every time. She has nothing to prove, but is constantly pushing herself and others to their full potential. Not often you meet a life coach of her caliber in the classroom that helps transform your mentality in such a short period of time”


– Victoria

Frequently Asked Questions:

: What if I’m just getting started with ballet?

: While I’d love to have you in the Movement Membership, this membership is best for dancers who have learned the fundamentals. If you’re just getting started, I’d be honored to teach you in Meet Me at the Barre (see our website for more details!).

: When do I get access to the digital classes?

: The classes start immediately once you join. The portal library is self-paced – you decide when you start and when you finish.

: How long do I have access to the classes?

: After enrolling, you have all-access to the digital library as long as you are an active Movement Membership member – across any and all devices you own.

: Do I need a Contemporary Ballet Dallas membership to participate?

: Nope! You are not required to be a student of CBD to receive access to the Movement Membership.

: Does my CBD membership apply to the Movement Membership?

: Nope! CBD and Janicka A. Arhur are different entities and not dependent on one another.

: How long is the membership commitment?

: The Movement Membership is a subscription based service that is charged monthly. You can cancel at anytime through your personal membership portal.

: What if I can’t make a weekend Technique Intensive?

: Technique Intensives are scheduled every third Saturday of the month from 4 PM to 5:30 PM CST. Your attendance is based on your availability.

: What if I do not use my services in a particular month, can I roll over my services to the next month?

: Services must be taken during the subscription month. There will be no rollovers allowed.

: What if I forget to cancel my subscription, can I get a refund?

: Dancers are required to cancel their membership in an appropriate time frame. No refunds will be granted. This is a subscription based service and you will be charged monthly as stated above.

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