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Does your Wellness Program MOVE?

We all know the value of a corporate wellness program. An integrated, holistic approach to wellness reduces stress, improves focus, and drives engagement. The upshot? Fewer sick days, less turnover, and happier, healthier teams who love what they do – and who give it their all.

But does your wellness program MOVE?

Incorporating dance and creative movement into your wellness program will help your team unlock next-level wellbeing, creativity, focus, and joy. That’s because dance shapes how you show up in your life – and how you deal with the challenges, obstacles and opportunities that come your way.

Dance helps you get in tune with your body, making you more mindful of what your body language is communicating in the workplace, and how you approach the world and your goals. It empowers you to move through space with intentionality, giving you the confidence you need to hit that stretch goal or knock that big meeting out of the park. Sequenced moves and complex routines require focus, awareness, muscle memory – and impact working memory as well! Adding partner or group movement and exercises will also improve team morale, empathy and sharing.

Then there’s the individual physical and emotional impact of moving like a dancer. Dance reduces stress, helps prevent lifestyle-related diseases, and is a known mood booster. It’s also an empowering way to increase muscle strength, improve coordination and flexibility, and reduce tension – all things that need our attention in this world of desk-based, computer-focused jobs.

And because dance is personal and endlessly adaptive, it can be implemented into your organization’s wellness program the way that you and your team need. There’s no one-size-fits-all at Art of VIII, only strategies and opportunities to unlock the goals, passions and must-haves for each member of your team – regardless of mobility level or dance experience.

What you’ll get from my movement strategy consulting is a tailored approach with ideas, strategies, and wellness-focused concepts encompassing objectives such as:

• Ergonomics and movement – at the desk and beyond
• Stress relief and tension reduction methodologies
• Team building and communication movement exercises
• Self-expression and creative ideation
• Extended focus and solo-tasking by uniting body and mind
• And much, much more!

Ready to elevate your corporate wellbeing with the seamless integration of dance? Contact me today to learn how to add movement to your wellness program – and help those KPIs MOVE.

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