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Stretch and Condition Your Mind and Body

If you’re feeling stiff and sore, it could be because like most Americans you spend more than half your day sitting. Don’t believe me? The stats don’t lie: the average office worker sits for 15 hours a day – more than any time in history! Mind.Blown.

 Combine a desk job with commuting and some guilty Netflix binge-watching (we see you!), and it’s easy to see how we log so many hours in a seated position.

 But while sitting comes easy in our society, its impact on our bodies is undeniable. A tense neck and jaw, hunched shoulders, a weak core and oh-so-tight hip flexors are just some of the aches and pains desk workers experience. And that discomfort has trickle-down effects that shape your mood, mobility and quality of life.

 By committing to movement and stretching, you can mitigate the damage caused by all of that time on your rump – giving body, brain and soul that needed boost. Get that blood flowing, and you’ll also enjoy a much-needed cognitive and memory boost during that traditionally “foggy” 3pm slump…which is totally a thing, right?

 Here are a few moves you can do in the comfort of your own home or private office to keep your body limber….and the feel-good hormones at an all-time high.

 To demonstrate some of our favorites, our very own stretching and conditioning class instructor, Lindzay. Take it away!


Hip flexor stretch:

This stretch is great for stretching the front of the hip to counter-act the sitting position many of us are stuck in during our day-to-day work environments.

Here’s how to do this stretch: Take one foot forward, lunge into the front leg keeping the pelvis tucked and spine long you should feel the stretch in the front of the hip


Upper trap stretch:

Straighten that posture and get rid of that hunch that we all seem to get when spending time on our phones. This stretch is great for releasing the tension in upper shoulders and neck. Grab the bottom of your seat with one hand, take the opposite hand to gently side bend the neck to the opposite side. Don’t forget to breathe!


Figure 4 stretch:

This is a stretch that just hurts so good. It’s the perfect stretch to release tight glutes and often link to that lower back. Here’s how to do it properly: Cross ankle over the knee and slowly hinge at the hip keeping the spine long.

Inspired to make stretching and conditioning part of your well-being routine? Stop by Art of VIII and commit to moving your body the way you deserve. You’ll gain a new-found sense of confidence, embodiment, and expressiveness – plus you’ll have an excuse to get up and get moving on the regular.

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